Hi. I'm Naishi Wang.

As an independent contemporary dance artist and artistic researcher, my Curiosity prompts me to observe and study how and why people move.

Dance may not exist by itself but in the eyes of the beholders. I believe performing arts create an imaginary perspective. I trust the right presence of the body could translate the true meaning what the bodily experiences at the moment.

Recent works
Taking Breath
A solo dance performance

Photo by Martin Hüsges

Taking Breath received nomination from Toronto Dora Mavor Moore Award on Outstanding Performance - Male in 2018.

Plastic waste. Climate change. Shortage of fossil fuels. Human consumption. Loss of biodiversity. Marine Life. These are often at the forefront in discussions regarding our impact on the environment. Even when we talk about air, we are concerned about carbon emissions and the consequences such as global warming, melting ice caps and the ozone. Maintaining clean breathable air is seldom a topic for discussion. Will we run out of breathable air? Breathing - an innate action of taking in air and expelling it from the lungs.

“Taking Breath” brings the subconscious to the conscious, the passive to the active; questions how we have taken breathing and the air we breathe for granted. The piece is a choreographic inquiry exploring the multiple facets of breathing in our lives - What is it like without breathing? What is it like with too much breathing? How does breathing affect movements? How does breathing affect our thoughts? When does breathing start to mean something? When does breathing become communication? When does breathing start to matter? When will air start to matter to us personally?

This work have two versions with different length (30 mins/60 mins) and structure.

  • Concept and choreographer. Naishi Wang
  • Performer. Naishi Wang
  • Outside eye. Paul-André Fortier & Ginelle Chagnon
  • Dramaturgy. Francoise Hüsges & Ivy Wang
  • Stage designer. Francoise Hüsges
  • Lighting designer. Ivy Wang
face to face
A duet performance - an upcoming project in 2021

Photo by Ivy Wang

In an effective face-to-face conversation, we include a combination of these elements: changes in facial expressions, voice tones, body movements/gestures. “Face to Face” is a conceptual dance/body theatre duet. This project explores the complexity of human emotions in both real space and imaginary digital space by looking at the use of Emojis as a nonverbal form of communication.

  • Concept and choreographer. Naishi Wang
  • In collaboration with. Lukas Malkowski
  • Outside eye. Heidi Strauss & Ginelle Chagnon
  • Concept, dramaturgy & Image Art. Ivy Wang
  • Sound designer. Wen Yang Ho
Free Steps
Group piece, a commissioned work for Nostos Collective

Photo by Omer Yukseker

“If I tell you my dream, you might forget it. If I act on my dream, perhaps you will remember it; but if I involve you, my dream becomes your dream” - Tibetan proverb

We are both an individual and society. Maintaining uniqueness amongst conformity, establishing identity at the expense of being marginalized. When and where can we truly find our own pace? “Free Steps” explores the juxtaposition of the group and the individual; and the coexistence of unison, harmony, and dissonance.

  • Concept and choreographer. Naishi Wang
  • Collaborators and Performers. Alyson Miller, Eleanor Van Veen, Emily Spearing, Gavin Law, Irena Ponizova, Jake Ramos, Jessica Germano, Katherine Semchuk, Krista Newey, Miyeko Ferguson & Sonja Boretski
  • Sound designer. Steven Bowa